The first 10… (Top 100 Sexts List)

Ok, all… Here are the first 10 from my own sexy text archives. I hope you like them as much as we did!

Here’s a little back-story, for those of you arriving on this blog who aren’t on my email list:

Just as I was sitting down to write one of my weekly emails, a friend messaged me that she was researching “sexting” on the internet, as a way to spark some hotness with her hubby. She had googled it, and discovered a list of what calls “100 top sexting messages.” She was messaging me about it because the *best* line she had come across was this:

“I want to take you to a place called orgasmland.”

I was actually speechless.

So of course, I went and looked up this list. It reads like something out of a teen magazine. In fact, if it were geared towards teens, I’d think (most of) it was ok. However this seemed to be an article written for adult sexters, especially since it started out with a definition of “sexting” (which was woefully gender-biased, in my opinion), and no self-respecting teen would have to ask.

Regardless of who it’s actually geared towards, some of the things on this list are definitely *not* what I’d consider “sexy,” in any context; and some of them were just downright confusing. There were some legitimately excellent sexts on there, too, but overall I got the feeling that many of them had been translated from a different language. I started to feel genuinely concerned that there may not be enough resources out there on how to engage in good, sexy text exchanges.

Here’s the thing… I think sexting is one of the *most awesome* ways to connect with a lover. With my partner who lives in Puerto Rico for half the year, we practically have an entire distinct relationship based on sending sexy things to each other in messages. I have definitely had whole relationships based almost exclusively on sexting. Over the years I think I have built up some fabulous skills in this arena.

So here’s what I decided to do…

I compiled a list of my own personal “100 Top Sexting Messages!” I went back through my message archives from the last few years, and just generally wracked my brain for sexy things you can send to a lover. Then I posted at least 10 new messages every day for 10 days. It’s been exceedingly fun! 


*DISCLAIMER: User discretion is advised! If you send something like #4 on this list to someone you *haven’t* established a sexual relationship with, you may not get the response you’re looking for. Take it slowly at first, especially if you or your partner are new to sexting, or new to each other. Tomorrow’s list will have more things to titillate or flirt with new or potential lovers.

**Side note: Almost all sexts can be punctuated with either 😉 or ;-D, depending on the level of wink you want to convey. I am guilty of overusing these and many other emoji, but the most important thing is to know your audience, and use scintillating words to the best of your ability. After a while emoji can just be excessive or annoying, and we definitely don’t want that!

  1. Feeling frisky, wish you were here.
  2. I’m having trouble sleeping… Want to share orgasms with me? That’ll help us both sleep!
  3. I was just thinking about you in the shower. Thanks, you were terrific!
  4. I was  just noticing how much I desire you. It feels nice. Tingly, in a good way.
  5. Nothing thrills me more than your presence.
  6. I can’t wait to see you tonight.
  7. I’ve been craving your touch all day.
  8. I was just thinking about something I’d like to try with you. Are you up for some sexperiments tonight?
  9. I love your hands. They do so many of my favorite things.
  10. I’m about to go running. I’ll be all hot and sweaty when I finish. Just thought you’d like to ponder that image.


11 thoughts on “The first 10… (Top 100 Sexts List)

  • Thank you so much!!! I have been searching for good ideas about sexting for a few years now. Much of what is on the internet is terrible. I am so excited to see the other texts you are willing to share.

  • I’ve been having some 3-way text flirting and sexting. Here are some faves:

    (While home for the holidays)
    Various family members are noticing the bruises on my shoulder. When asked me directly about why I had them, I replied, “enthusiastic lovers!” Thanks for y’all’s enthusiasm. 😉

    Also, fun fact, I am capable to leading two people at once. 😉

    Ooo, I really like this whole flirting-with-both-of-you thing. Just like a ritual has more energy with more witches, I imagine flirting (and, by extension, sex) is more energized and intense with more than two. 😉 *chomp chomp*
    > Speaking from some experience, that is a distinct possibility, though for proper scientific rigor, further study would be required 😉
    >> For science!

  • Part 2 of holiday 3-way FB messages:

    E: Hell yes!!! Have I mentioned I make a kick-ass pie crust?
    A: That is critical information
    J: I love putting my face in a good pie or two.

  • Jazz, those are hilarious!

    And yes, I love the expansion of sexting to include the multi-partner paradigm. Group Sext! Epic, thanks for sharing. ;-D

  • I love sexts! Words conjuring mental images that are delicious!

    My boyfriend asked me a question my text the other day. After going back and forth with the answer, my final reply was:

    I was hoping you were going to ask me something fun or naughty.

    That set the stage for sexts that we have sent back and forth for a couple of days now. We are going to see each other tonight. We had planned to go see a holiday light show but are opting to stay in create our own firework show of orgasmic delights!

  • No worries. I’m currently workin in WordPress, but I’m bringing on a new dev who might switch it up a bit. She’s great, and I’ll give you her name, if you’re looking for someone! 🙂

  • Well, I’ll keep posting, then. Haven’t updated the blog recently, but I’ve been posting to facebook. Feel free to follow me there: Lessa Jay Lamb. 🙂

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