Volume 3 of the “100 Top Sexting Messages!” Adaptations…

These next 10 I adapted from what I considered the best of the “Top 100” list that started this whole thread. I took the ones I liked the best, and just tweaked them a little; sometimes to streamline, sometimes to enhance an idea, but generally I like them better… I mean of course I do, right?

Anyway, my point is: feel free to tweak these things! Experiment, get creative. If it doesn’t sound like something you’d say, change it so it does! This is not Shakespeare, and it’s not sacred. (Although I have been seduced by quotes from the Bard in the past, and I highly recommend it… But know your audience. If your intended recipient has never read Romeo & Juliet, don’t start sending them messages about “palm to palm.” They may think you mean trees.)

Here are 10 more for you to play with. 😉

  1. Let’s get dirty tonight. We can always wash it off each other in the shower afterwards.
  2. I made a mess cooking earlier. Now I’m covered in strawberries. Maybe together we could come up with a creative way to clean me off? Possibly involving your tongue?
  3. I want to feel your strong grip on me.
  4. I am dripping with desire for you. (This is super hot for both men and women! Guys, don’t be shy about saying you get wet. It can be extremely arousing for your partners.)
  5. All we are going to do tonight is tease. Are you ready for the torture?
  6. You are going to be really exhausted by the end of the night tonight.
  7. I’m having trouble sleeping. Will you wear me out?
  8. Sending you this text with one hand. Other hand is busy… Care to join me?
  9. I noticed you’ve been hitting the exercise pretty hard lately. Want to test your strength/stamina tonight?
  10. I’m wearing your favorite color today… everywhere.

Are things heating up on your media devices yet? 😀

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