Sexting Vol. 5: For the Gents (/masculine/giving partner)

A little explanation about what I mean in the title here (and in yesterday’s list’s title): the person carrying the majority of the masculine or feminine energy in any relationship can be either physical gender. And in fact, I know a handful of couples where the traditional gender roles are reversed from what you might expect based on their gender appearance. And of course, focusing less on “guys/gals” also more adequately encompasses same-gender pairings as well. If you guys watched the Dr. Pat Allen interview from my Pillow Talk Summit, she does an awesome job of describing how even opposite gendered partners can intentionally take on either the giving or receiving role in their relationship, and even how it can help balance the energy in the relationship if you are able to trade back and forth a bit. It can be a relief for both partners to step out of the “expectation” of their gender roles every once in a while. It’s worth trying out, even if it’s not something you end up doing frequently in your relationship.

With masculine types, often (but certainly not always) your sex drives are a bit higher than your feminine counterparts. These messages are designed to stimulate sexual desire in your mate. Remember this is PRE-foreplay… so you’re warming up for the warm-up. However if you already have a good idea about what your partner likes, feel free to aim “below the belt,” as it were. Direct hits to the libido are encouraged. 😀

So here are some things for the person embodying the masculine energy in the relationship *today* to try out in their sexy messages. Keep in mind that the first one is definitely playing on the traditional gender-role stereotypes, but can be adjusted for any scenario with less stereotypical divisions of labor. 😉 ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use messages like this if chores or divisions of labor have been a recent sore-point in your relationship, unless you’re certain you’ve already repaired the rift, and this will be a welcome lightness around a tense subject. If you’re not sure, just don’t go there.

Oh, and don’t forget that a sprinkling of emoticons indicating your flirtatious intentions will help these messages to be received in the way they are intended. ;-D

  1. *photo of the laundry, dishes, other chore completed.* I’m hoping, since this is finished, we can do something sexier with the rest of our night. ;-*
  2. You are goddess to me. How would you like me to worship you tonight?
  3. I love it when I can smell how wet you’re getting… It turns me on instantly!
  4. My cock gets harder thinking about you than it does with any kind of porn I could even dream of.
  5. I love exploring the exquisite textures of your channel. Which exploratory device would you prefer tonight: tongue, fingers, or penis?
  6. I think your pussy (or whatever her fav word for her vulva is) is incredibly beautiful. Would you mind if I just spent some time in the near future gazing lovingly at it, and possibly touching it gently?
  7. I just had a memory of how you feel wrapped around my shaft… and now I’m having trouble not advertising that to the world. Hopefully people will just think I have “denim wood.”
  8. I m continuously amazed by how fast I get aroused when I’m around you… or thinking about you… or just whenever there’s anything to do with you and me together in any way… What I’m trying to say here is I am wildly turned on by you.
  9. I just had a shockingly vivid fantasy about thrusting deep inside your tight, wet, gorgeous cunt.
  10. I can’t wait to see you soon so I can play out all the fantasies that have been running through my head since the last time I saw you… This morning. (If you didn’t just see your lover this morning, leave that last bit off. It’s pretty funny, and compelling, if you did, though. 😉
  11. *Bonus Round: Talking about powerful orgasm is usually really hot, but this kind of thing is especially effective if you know your female partner is ovulating, or if you  both feel really sexy about having babies together…
    • I love the feeling of pulsing deep inside you as I fill you with my hot seed (or whatever you/she thinks is a sexy way of saying cum… which may very well be just “cum.”)

Have fun with these! As ever, post about your favorites, and if you have any you’d like to contribute, or that have worked well for you, toss them in the ring! Don’t be shy, it’s for the good of humanity. 😀

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