Sexting Vol. 6: The Art of the Innuendo

These are for the more subtle times, when someone might be looking over your partner’s shoulder, or if you’re in the mood to just hint at the deep well of sexiness instead of dropping the bucket all the way to the bottom…

Sometimes the tease is the best way to get your partner in the mood! Today’s sexts may not instantly scream SEX! But they might just get you both in the mood to do some screaming later on… if you know what I mean. 😉

Speaking of “if you know what I mean,” make friends with these words if you want innuendo or tease to be part of your sexting repertoire. Also, however, make sure that the recipient of your message can understand innuendo, and that they’re in to it… Here’s what can happen if they just don’t get it, or possibly don’t want it:

A: What r u dong?

B: Laying in bed.

A: Doing nothing?

B: Eating snacks.

A: Nice..What would u do if i was in bed next to u?

B: Eat the snacks.

A: lol…if the snacks were not there

B: Get out of bed and go get my snacks.

That example came up a couple times in my recent internet exploration of sexting. It’s a great demonstration of “they’re just not that into it…” Unfortunate but true in some circumstances.

But let’s just assume that they are  into it! In addition to the emoticons I’ve mentioned in a few of the other lists, the ellipsis is also a punctuation you should become familiar with for good innuendo…

Brief transparency moment: some of today’s sexts came from here. It’s the first article of this kind I’ve actually been reasonably impressed with, I have to admit. 😉

Anyway, here are you 10 for today:

  1. For dinner tonight, how about oysters? I know of a particularly fine one, and I’d love for you to find the pearl…
  2. I had a long, hard day. Can you help me make it a long, and possibly even harder night?
  3. Hey, just wanted to let you know that if you’re ever having a hard time, like a really hard time, I’m there for you. I mean, I can give you hand. Or something…
  4. I was just thinking, and then I got completely distracted by… well let’s just say it was “something else,” and leave it at that. For now.
  5. Would you like to “go out for coffee” sometime? There could even be real coffee involved…
  6. I’d love to have brunch with you tomorrow morning… Shall I call you or nudge you? (This is a classic in the “pick-up-line” world, but one of my all-time favorites.)
  7. I was just lying here staring at the ceiling, thinking about how much better the view from this angle would be if you were here…
  8. I think I need to redecorate my bedroom… An abstract theme might be nice. Maybe we could just start throwing our clothes randomly at the walls and furniture and see how it looks?
  9. Wanna hear what I think we should do later? Actually, on second thought, I think I’ll make you wait…
  10. I wonder how far I could get if I tried taking off your pants under a table… in a restaurant… with my toes… So, where shall we go out to dinner tonight?

… 😉

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