Sexting Vol. 8: Now that the party is started…

If you’ve already broken the ice about sexting with your lover (or potential lover), sometimes it’s time to get to some serious nitty, and possibly even gritty, in your sexting. Sometimes you just want to pull out all the stops. Pictures of your aroused body parts are definitely fitting in this context, if you’re comfortable with that…

Brief word of caution: BE EXTRA SURE YOU ARE IN FACT SENDING THESE TO YOUR INTENDED RECIPIENT. Texting a photo of your cock/cunt to your best friend may be considered bad form, but accidentally personal-porn-bombing your boss, co-worker, mom, etc, could actually be bad for your employment status, mental health, etc.

Here are some epic texts for when it’s time to “go all the way…” Some of them are gender specific, but of course, experimentation in all things is encouraged. 😉

  1. I was just thinking of how much I love running my tongue around the ridge right behind the head of your cock.
  2. I was just thinking of how much I love tongue-fucking you.
  3. When I’m gently nibbling around your ear, what’s sexier: the way my breath is amplified, or sensation of my teeth grazing around such a sensitive area?
  4. I love it when you’re bending over, reaching for something, and all I can think about is ramming my hard cock into your wet, ready pussy from behind.
  5. I think I want to be on top next time we fuck. Riding you from a position where I can dig my nails into your chest, and rub my clit against you at the same time makes me want to scream until I’m hoarse.
  6. I love it when we’re having sex chest-to-chest, and my mouth is just perfectly poised to bite that muscle on your neck when something really turns me on.
  7. I’m a little embarrassed that I’m not sure right now what your favorite sex position is… Will you remind me tonight? To help solidify it, I think we should continue in that position to the point of almost-orgasm a few times, and then stop… and then keep going… That might help it become extremely memorable for me. 😉
  8. When I think about the way you [___] my [___], I get hot almost immediately. (I like “slide into my wet cunt” here, but this is an extremely versatile sentence.)
  9. I’ve been so turned on thinking about you today, it’s been all I can do not to rush to the bathroom and come while moaning your name every few minutes.
  10. I love the way my cunt/cock starts to feel warm and pulse when I think of you poised to enter me/being poised to enter you.

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