Sexting Vol. 9: Let’s keep that party going…

Now that we’re really in the flow of things, the exchange might be getting brain-meltingly hot. Definitely feel free to mention in your messages how difficult it is to concentrate on what you’re doing.

If you’re this far… um… in, as they say, keep escalating the play. If your text play partner says something about a body part, share something about a similar part. If your messages are about actions, ask what they’d do next, or describe what you’d want to do next. This kind of play really *can* go all the way. The texts about “messaging with one hand” are not only extremely sexy, they’re wildly difficult as things mount. If you have typos in your texts, though, make sure they’re comprehensible. If you just start sending gibberish because you’ve lost the capacity to type, it may take the other person out of the moment as they attempt to decipher what, “Oh baby, I equal your were sucking Mr got chick right now…” really means. (In this case: “Oh baby, I wish you were sucking my hot cock right now…” Although the penis in question may acquire a hilarious new nick-name. ;-D)

Be as explicit as you have the guts for, and don’t shy away from attempting to type the noises you’re making (or wanting to make), either. Things like *Gasp!*, Mmmm, *Moan*, Oooohhh, Yeaaaaah, Yeeeeeeesss, Fuuuuck!, (add more letters at your discretion…) and other things that you can draw out, or make look like sex noises are awesome. You can also try enclosing things in brackets, like stage direction or narration: [Sharp intake of breath.], {Suirms uncomfortably in chair…}, or ::Hand makes urgent gripping motions at hem of skirt:: Those are all examples of how to delineate your inner monologue, or “set the scene” for your lover’s benefit.

These are some responses I thought up to some of my favorite messages from the previous posts. I hope you get some serious sheet-mileage out of them!

  1. (I love your hands. They do so many of my favorite things.)
    • Oooh, when you say things like that, they itch to run themselves all over your body… Where do you want them first?
  2. (I got goose bumps when you breezed past me the other day.)
    • Really? Maybe I could help warm you back up…
  3. (Sending you this text with one hand. Other hand is busy… Care to join me?)
    • I’d love to! Shall I show up in person, or tease you with stories of what *my* hand is doing?
  4. (I’d like to reserve a seat for one on your face this evening. What time should I… come?
    • Well, if I have any say in the matter, all the time.
  5. (I just had a shockingly vivid fantasy about thrusting deep inside your tight, wet, gorgeous cunt.)
    • Ooh, really? Was it clamping down on your rock-hard cock while you spasam inside me?
  6. (I’d love to have brunch with you tomorrow morning… Shall I call you or nudge you?)
    • Mmm, you should nudge me… but I like my eggs scrambled, not fertilized. (yet…) ;-D [Addition of the “yet” at user discretion… if you’ve already had the baby conversation, go for it; if not, it might be shocking, in a not altogether pleasant way for a male-bodied partner. ;-)]
  7. (What is it you like about spanking? I like the sting…)
    • I like the way your ass ripples under my fingers…
  8. (I’ve been so turned on thinking about you today, it’s been all I can do not to rush to the bathroom and come while moaning your name every few minutes.)
    • Oh, yeaaah, baby! Let me know if you cease being able to control yourself… I’ll meet you in the bathroom. ;-D
  9. (When I’m gently nibbling around your ear, what’s sexier: the way my breath is amplified, or sensation of my teeth grazing around such a sensitive area?)
    • Neither… it’s the feel of your warm, soft lips when they just barely brush the peach fuzz on that ridge of cartilage, and the anticipation of whether you’re going to suck my earlobe into your mouth, or lick right behind it.
  10. (I am dripping with desire for you.)
    • I can’t wait to take that slick wettness and rub it in to my (cunt/cock/clit/etc.), because your juices are soooo much better than any lube on the market.


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