I can tell your story…

As a narrator, my benchmark for success is when even the author becomes engrossed in listening to the story.

I have always held a fascination for how people speak, and have spent many engrossing hours in conversation and research around what makes different people actually sound different. I believe this gives my reading, especially my dialog narration, a unique flare. I spend time crafting each character’s voice based on vocal reference; in addition, of course, to character notes from the text itself, as well as conversation with the creator of the character, where possible.

I have found that I am energized by my narration projects, and that I’m almost overwhelmingly excited to go into the studio every day to work on a chapter, or discover a new character’s voice.

I have my own recording equipment, and recently added a home studio (designed constructed by my exceptional partner) to my tools for audiobook creation. I hope the quality of my production meets with your approval, but if you find it lacking, I am more than happy to work with a professional audio engineer to create a mastered work that showcases your creation with the very best possible quality.

My aim, always, is to read a story the way an author hears it in her or his own head. My ultimate goal as a narrator is to render the work in so enthralling a manner that even its author becomes completely engrossed in listening to their own work.

I’m eager to help authors bring their creative vision to life through narration.

Lessa Lamb